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New EMOTIVE documentation and architectures

New EMOTIVE detailed documentation and architectures. You can find more detailed information about Resource Fabric and Virtualized resource management with class diagram and others extended chapters. New explanation about used Technologies in Emotive and new chapter about Architecture. And also new pictures added in more chapters…. Continue Reading

Xen to KVM disk image migration

Latest improvements in the EMOTIVE Cloud development have been focused in expanding the platform to new virtualization technologies such as KVM or others thanks to Libvirt.

During the research and deployment of this new features, we’ve found several difficulties in order to migrate disk images. The platform was using a single raw .img image, the one used by Xen and our goal was to maintain this structure, but it seemed that KVM was only working with partitioned images and a boot loader.

For this reason, KVM virtual machines base system had to be created, partitioned, formatted, and have a grub-enabled boot record. … Continue Reading

Demo at ICAC 09

postericac1Last Tuesday 9th of June, we presented the demo of the EMOTIVE Cloud on the ICAC 09 Conference:

Demo Exhibit at International Conference on Autonomic Computing. “EMOTIVE CLOUD : The BSC Engine for Cloud Solutions“, Jordi Guitart, Íñigo Goiri, Ferran Julià, Mario Macías, David Carrera, Yolanda Becerra, Vicenç Beltran, Jordà Polo, David de Nadal, Uday Kiran, J. Oriol Fitó, Gemma Reig, Rosa M. Badia, Jorge Ejarque, Eduard Ayguadè, Javier Alonso, Josep Lluís Berral, Ricard Gavaldà, Nico Poggi, Jordi Torres. Barcelona, June 2009.

It was presented during the demo/poster sessions where … Continue Reading


In order to make EMOTIVE Cloud public, the old architecture relying on BREIN has been ported to a new one which allows EMOTIVE being a total independent piece of software. The key issue has been the renaming of the packages from “es.bsc.brein” to “net.emotivecloud”.

In addition, a public SVN repository has been added. It is hosted on sourceforge and it is located in:


If you want to contribute with some code, you only have to register in sourceforge and put it in contact with me.

As the EMOTIVE components, has been moved from the BREIN SVN to Sourceforge, BREIN SVN will only … Continue Reading