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Creating an EMOTIVE Scheduler

One of the key issues of EMOTIVE Cloud

is the simplicity for developing and adding new Schedulers. This post will explain the key steps in order to create a Scheduler that will run on top of EMOTIVE.

The first step is implementing the VRMMScheduler interface which specifies:

List<String> getNodes();

List<String> getLocation(String id) throws VRMMSchedulerException;

void nodeUp(String nodeId);

void nodeDown(String nodeId);

Implementing this methods the RM will be able to notify if a node managed by your scheduler is up or not and allows monitoring different metrics of the nodes.

The simple scheduler code example can be found at the SVN.

RM interface

In order to take beneffit of the … Continue Reading


In order to make EMOTIVE Cloud public, the old architecture relying on BREIN has been ported to a new one which allows EMOTIVE being a total independent piece of software. The key issue has been the renaming of the packages from “es.bsc.brein” to “net.emotivecloud”.

In addition, a public SVN repository has been added. It is hosted on sourceforge and it is located in:


If you want to contribute with some code, you only have to register in sourceforge and put it in contact with me.

As the EMOTIVE components, has been moved from the BREIN SVN to Sourceforge, BREIN SVN will only … Continue Reading

New Resource Monitor

VRMM born as a part of the BREIN european project. It was a good starting point for developing VtM and RM, nevertheless, this issue made the software highly tied to the BREIN architecture. For this reason, high efforts has been done in order to make it indendent.

A month ago, VtM was already independent and it could be used as a standalone software for creating and managing VMs. However, making RM a generic component is not a trivial task since it depends on the Scheduler and the Resource Manager. This has implied a big challenge in terms of software design, but … Continue Reading