New Resource Monitor

VRMM born as a part of the BREIN european project. It was a good starting point for developing VtM and RM, nevertheless, this issue made the software highly tied to the BREIN architecture. For this reason, high efforts has been done in order to make it indendent.

A month ago, VtM was already independent and it could be used as a standalone software for creating and managing VMs. However, making RM a generic component is not a trivial task since it depends on the Scheduler and the Resource Manager. This has implied a big challenge in terms of software design, but finally, a new architecture for Resource Monitor has born!

RM takes new roles in this new architecture such as resource discovery. It won’t be just in charge of retrieving information and taking an action if a node breaks down, it will also

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be in charge of discovering if a node turns up. In addition, as it has been already said, new RM is generic enough to work with any scheduler that implements the VRMMScheduler API and with different resource managers such as the PSNC JobScheduler.

New code can be found on the Sourceforge SVN (a post in the near future will talk about the new repository and naming).