Virtualization has open a wide new range of opportunities for managing computer resources since it allows isolating different tasks in a single node without any interference with others. Moreover, a virtual machine is easier to monitor and offers a powerful but simple interface for managing its allocated resources which brings new chances for resource management. In addition to this, machine maintenance acquires a new level thanks to virtualization since it allows managing machines as software making it a perfect environment for executing tasks and complex services.

Nevertheless, dealing with some virtualization capabilities, such as the creation, implies an effort for the user in order to take benefit from them. In order to avoid this problem, we are contributing the research community with the EMOTIVE (Elastic Management of Tasks in Virtualized Environments) middleware, which allows executing tasks and providing virtualized environments to the users without any extra effort in an efficient way. This is a virtualized environment manager which aims to provide virtual machines that fulfils with the user requirements in terms of software and system capabilities.

EMOTIVE Cloud which is mainly composed by three different layers: the data infrastructure, the node management (VRMM), and the global Scheduler. The data infrastructure offers a distributed storage for supporting virtualization capabilities such as migration and checkpoint support. VRMM is in charge of creating and maintaining the whole virtual machine lifecycle. Finally, the scheduling layer is in charge of distributing tasks and VMs among the physical nodes.

All the information related with installation and deployment can be found in the EMOTIVE Cloud guide.


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