VtM and RM Architecture

  • Creation of VMs
  • VM lifecycle management
  • VM monitoring
  • VM destruction
  • Data management
  • Migration
  • Checkpointing
  • Outsource support

VtM and RM Features

VtM Main Features

  • Full customized Vms
    - Distributed creation and configuration (less than 10 seconds)
    - VM creation is done in a distributed way
    - Image caching system in each node
  • Resource management
    -  Distribute resources among VM according with its requirements
    -  Live resource distribution: CPU, memory…
  • Data management
    - Data can be initially available inside Vms
    - Store information between two different sessions
  • Fast live migration
    -  Distributed shared file system among all the nodes
  • Checkpointing system
    -  VM can be recovered in an efficient way

RM features

  • Provide information to:
    -  Scheduler
    -  SLA monitors
  • Monitor different metrics
  • Decentrallized solution

Resource Manager (bash)