Resource Fabric

The data infrastructure makes EMOTIVE able to efficiently support different virtualization features such as migration and checkpointing. It distributes the data among the cluster nodes. It uses NFS in order to make the data of every node available from the other nodes. Thanks to this technique, Virtual Machines can be moved between nodes without losing connection. This capability allows new approaches such as consolidating the global system or giving more resources to a given application if the node is not able to do this locally.

In addition, this data infrastructure allows each VM accessing data required by the user by using a shared repository also distributed among the nodes. It also allows storing data in the system in order to be reused later from other VMs.

DFS Architecture

  • DFS: Distributed file system
  • SFTP: Secure FTP
  • HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System
  • NFS: Network File System
  • FS: File System
  • SO: Operating System