Dealing with some virtualization capabilities, such as the creation, implies an effort for the user in order to take benefit from them. In order to avoid this problem, we are contributing the research community with the EMOTIVE (Elastic Management Of Tasks In Virtualized Environments) framework, which allows to simplify the development of new middleware services for the Cloud. EMOTIVE framework is an open-source software infrastructure for implementing Cloud computing solutions that provides elastic and fully customized virtual environments in which to execute Cloud services.

EMOTIVE abstracts a Cloud architecture using different layers and provides users with basic primitives for supporting the execution of services (features for resource allocation and monitoring, data management, live migration, and checkpointing, etc.). The core layer wraps each virtualized node and monitors its state, granting full control to the application of its execution environment without any risks to the underlying system or the other applications. In addition, it allows both local virtual machines (i.e. running in the provider’s nodes) and remote virtual machines running in third-party providers such as Amazon EC2 to be managed in a federated environment.

One of the main distinguishing features of EMOTIVE framework are their functionalities that ease the development of new resource management proposals, thus contributing to the innovation in this research area. At the moment there are different scheduler implementations with different capabilities using EMOTIVE framework, such as SERA, which supports semantic descriptions, EERM, which takes into account economical parameters, or proposals that take into account power-aware parameters.